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Challenging Learning is the title of James Nottingham's new book. It includes some of the most up-to-date and impressive research on learning and contains many strategies and lesson plans for embedding P4C into your teaching.

This is our main website, giving information about our P4C courses, a full guide to P4C, recomemended P4C resources and video footage of P4C in action. It also has links to our other services including community designed education, outstanding schools, and conferences website is a resource and collaboration website for p4c bringing thousands of ideas to hundreds of teachers in the UK and around the world. It provides quick-reply support foums, guidance on all aspects of p4c, stimulus materials and practical activities to use in lessons.
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As we travel the world supporting schools in the development of teaching and learning, we come across outstanding practice and wonderful innovations. Our blog is where we share those ideas in the hope that it will inspire readers and help connect people.











Philosophy for Children (P4C) is concerned with encouraging children and adults to think together. Independent research shows improvements in literacy, speaking and listening, maths reasoning, emotional awareness and thinking abilities.

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A History of P4C Benefits of P4C Schools Guide to P4C

P4C is the outstanding model to achieve the aims of Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS), social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL), critical thinking, creativity, pupil voice and inquiry-led learning


We are a group of teachers and accredited P4C trainers who work with schools, communities and organisations around the world in the development of P4C. Our company, Sustained Success, was started by James Nottingham, a highly experienced teacher who has used P4C since the early 1990s with children between the ages of 3 and 18.

James was featured in a TV documentary about P4C in 1999. The following year, he founded a multi-million pound P4C project that won an award in 2005 for the outstanding contribution it had made in raising the aspirations and achievements of young people in north east England. Today, he travels the world giving keynote speeches, running accredited introductory and advanced courses in P4C, offering demonstration lessons and coaching staff in nurseries, schools, colleges and community groups. View his calendar

Our other team members include experienced teachers from early years settings, primary, secondary and special schools; Headteachers and middle leaders; and creativity through P4C specialists. Every single one of us has used P4C as a class teacher, is an accredited trainer, and can help your staff with planning for P4C, demonstration lessons, coaching, resources and further training.


We can offer you the following P4C support:

  • Outstanding keynote speeches
  • Inspirational, interactive and thought-provoking INSET
  • 2-day Introductory courses, accredited by SAPERE
  • 4-day Advanced courses, accredited by SAPERE
  • Coaching and demonstration lessons with group learners
  • Online support and training through, the international collaboration service for P4C that was started by James Nottingham and his colleagues, Roger Sutcliffe and Steve Williams.
  • Contact with the many thousands of practitioners we have already trained

There are many P4C trainers in the world, so why book us?

  1. Our training is consistently rated in the highest category with Nurseries, Schools and Community Groups
  2. We are accredited trainers, so all the P4C training we offer is fully accredited through SAPERE
  3. Weve all used P4C within the realities of a busy classroom and an over-crowded curriculum, so teaching staff readily trust and believe in us
  4. We will demonstrate P4C working with any group of your students
  5. In the past 5 years, we have trained teachers, support staff and parents in 18 countries and 4 continents that we can help you network with
  6. James is one of 3 directors of, the international resource and collaboration site for P4C, and can offer you a discount on annual subscription rates
  7. We are a learning organisation; we will listen to you, work with you and help you design any P4C-based project that will achieve your aims and objectives